What we do

We are research-based consultants. 


We use market research to understand our client's customers and deliver actionable insights.


Our insights provide companies with strategies to move forward and deliver the best customer experience.


Know their customer

Understanding who your customers are, what is important to them, what they want, and how they feel is the first step to delivering a customer experience that will keep them coming back.


We explore customers' lifestyles and values to uncover what they care about. This gives companies the tools to build stronger, lasting relationships with their customers. 


Our consumer research can map the customer journey, identify customer segments and personas, as well as what each customer values.


Improve their products & services

Product launches can be nerve-racking. How will your customers react? Will they love it? Will they hate it? Does it deliver the experience they were expecting?


We take the guesswork out of product launches by getting involved during the product development stage to determine what appeals to customers and what needs to be tweaked. We identify what customers value and find useful.


Our product research can pinpoint the most attractive product concepts and names, as well as provide guidance on price points.

We enable companies to...


Elevate their marketing

Inspiring your customers is no simple task. Customers expect companies to engage them in a personalized manner across multiple channels and touchpoints. Customers also expect companies to deliver authentic messaging that speaks to their values and needs.


We work closely with companies to develop the right communications strategy that speaks the language their customers understand. We craft stories that enrich the customer experience.


Our communications research can identify the most effective copy, messages, or ad concepts that will engage and inspire your customers.


Beat the competition

Our insights are your competitive advantage.


We look closely at what companies do and say and determine the impact these actions have on how their customers, employees, partners and suppliers feel about the brand. We also explore the role competitors play to assess the threat they pose. By focusing on a company's stakeholders and understanding their experience, we are able to provide guidance on how to position the brand for growth.


Our brand strategy research can provide companies with a map of the competitive landscape, their strengths and weaknesses, along with white spaces to grow and strategies on how to beat their competitors.

Market research with your success in mind

Consumer research

that lets you

know your customer

Product research

that guides you on how to

improve your products & services

Communications research

that shows how to

elevate your marketing

Brand strategy research

that empowers you to

beat the competition

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Customer segmentation

  • User studies

  • Product development & concept testing

  • Product naming

  • Product testing

  • Pricing analysis

  • Communications strategy development

  • Copy testing

  • Message testing

  • Ad concept testing

  • Brand positioning

  • Competitive benchmarking

  • Corporate reputation measurement

  • Stakeholder attitudes assessment

  • Brand satisfaction & loyalty evaluation


Customer experience matters.

Consumers have more choices than ever, and will take their business elsewhere when a company fails to deliver the experience they expect.


We work with companies to deliver exceptional customer experiences.